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 České Budějovice beer 

České Budějovice is famous for brewing and therefore often referred to the city of beer. We can find the beginnings of beer in 1265, when the city was granted the right to brew beer.

Beer lovers should definitely try the famous Budějovice brands of beer of local brewers.

 Budweiser Budvar logo.Budweiser Budvar

 The construction of Budweiser Budvar began in 1894. Locals could taste the first batch of ten-degree beer already one year later at Christmas markets. Since then, the assortment has expanded a great deal. The flagship products are light and dark Budweiser Budvar lager. Even the Budweiser Budvar draft beer or special strong Bud won’t leave you calm. Connoisseurs are bound to appreciate the krausened beer and yeast beer. Drivers have also not been forgotten with the non-alcoholic Budweiser Budvar beer. You can also find the Pardal brand in this brewery’s portfolio since 2007.

 Samson Brewery logoSamson Brewery

The Samson brewery is equally famou. It was established in 1785. Currently it offers beer with a delicious aroma and unmistakable flavour. The ten-degree draft Samson beer refreshes and warms. Order a light eleven-degree lager with meat dishes. More demanding beer lovers are sure to appreciate the twelve-degree light lager. The dark twelve-degree beer offers more intense bitterness with a hint of honey. Or try Dianello beer, which is deeply fermented. For those who want to maintain a clear head, reach for a non-alcoholic Pit. Samson with fruit flavours of lemon and grapefruit provides real natural refreshment.