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Ema Destinnová

Ema Destinnová, source: Wikimedia Commons.

* 2/27/1878 Praha - † 1/29/1930 České Budějovice
singer - opera singer

She achieved world acclaim as a soprano. She performed in Berlin, London, Paris, in the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the National Theatre in Paris and a number of other famous opera stages. In 1914 she returned to Czechoslovakia. In the same year her boyfriend bought a chateau in Stráži nad Nežárkou with her money, where she lived until the end of her life.

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Jan Nepomuk Neumann

Jan Nepomuk Neumann, source: Wikimedia Commons.

* 3/29/1811 Prachatice - † 1/6/1860 Filadelfie

Czech Catholic missionary, Redemptorist, the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia (1852-1860). In over eight years as Bishop he founded almost 100 schools, over 80 churches and he reformed the seminary. In 1977 he was declared a saint. A number of churches and chapels (mainly in the USA) are dedicated to him.

Přemysl Otakar II

Přemysl Otakar II, source: Wikimedia Commons.

* 1233 Městec Králové - † 1278 Suché Kruty
politician /ruler

Přemysl Otakar II, known as the iron and golden king, born around 1233 as the second son of King Václav I and Kunhuta Štaufská, was the fifth Czech king from the Přemyslid family (crowned in 1261) and a powerful Central European sovereign who temporarily connected Austrian lands to Bohemia after the Babenburg family died out. However, these lands were not held long against the advancing Hapsburgs, and Přemysl Otakar II was killed during his retreat from the Battle of the Marchfeld, after having been defeated by Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph I.

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Václav Havel

Václav Havel, source: Wikimedia Commons.

* 10/6/1936 Praha - † 12/19/2011 Vlčice-Hrádeček
writer, politician /ruler

Playwright, Charter 77 signatory, self-professed fighter for democracy and human rights. Was President of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the Czechoslovak Federative Republic and later the independent Czech Republic. Honorary member of many domestic and foreign societies, the holder of many honorary degrees from dozens of universities throughout the world. Nominated for the Nobel Prize. Author of a number of plays and books.

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Past events

Vladimír Remek

Vladimír Remek, source: Wikimedia Commons.

* 9/27/1948 České Budějovice

The only Czechoslovak astronaut, regarded as the first European in space by the European Space Agency. He flew to the Saljut 6 space station with Soviet astronaut Alexej Gubarev on board the Sojuz 28 spacecraft on 2 March 1987